World Black Cat Day, a stop to superstitions

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World Black Cat Day, a stop to superstitions

The World Black Cat Day celebrations are back, an opportunity to say goodbye to superstitions for good.

World Black Cat Day is celebrated on November 17th, an occasion to pay homage to these splendid felines, often victims of hard to die prejudices. This is because the image of the dark coat cat has been linked to bad luck by many populations, including the Italian one. Yet these specimens have nothing different from animals of other colours and, above all, there is nothing found in the legends about them.

On the contrary, in some cultures the black cat is also a symbol of good luck, as it happens in the United Kingdom. If a raven-clad specimen were to cross its road, particularly from left to right, it would be a messenger of good news and an advocate of the realization of its dreams.

Although superstitions about black cats are very old, they unfortunately still persist today. So much so that, as recently demonstrated by numerous studies, these cats tend to receive little attention from visitors to cats and shelters, so much so that they constantly represent the last adopted specimens among those available. Equally new is a terrible trend, also certified in the UK: the abandonment of black animals because they are not very photogenic, therefore difficult to use for their social needs or to shoot perfect selfie. In the past centuries black cats were thought to be the representation of the devil, a belief probably born at the time of witch-hunting, as they were often accompanied by felines of this colour.

There will be many initiatives all over Europe for the feast of the black cat, with many shelters – especially abroad – ready to encourage their adoption with theme days to eliminate the fears of possible owners, as well as to show how these specimens, as well as all the others, are really ready to give a lot of love.


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