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An American cat does not separate itself from the firefighter who rescued it: it all happened during the terrible fires in California.

It is a story of incredible gratitude, the one that sees a cat and its savior, an American firefighter, as protagonists. The story happened in these days, during the terrible fires that hit California: a feline surrounded by flames was saved by a fireman and, from that moment, the animal did not want to separate itself from the man.

The firefighter in question is Ryan Coleman, serving with the Fairview Valley Fire Department, one of the areas affected by the recent fires. The man, who has been extinguishing fires and rescuing people and animals for days, found a cat trapped in a burning house and immediately rescued it. Immediately rescued at Paradise, one of the centres most affected by the tragedy of the flames in recent days, it seems that the legitimate owners of the quadruped have not yet been identified.

A gesture that the feline wanted to reward with incredible gratitude, considering how he no longer wants to separate himself from the fireman: he always remains at his side, rubbing himself and throwing himself into continuous purring, and every now and then he even allows himself a little walk on the shoulders of his human friend.

The firefighter shared some pictures and videos of the adorable feline on Facebook, so much so that these materials immediately went viral all over the world, collecting enthusiastic comments and the appreciation of the navigators.

The fires in California have devastated numerous natural assets, destroyed homes and seriously endangered animals, both domestic and wild. Many of the latter have unfortunately lost their lives, while recently the story of a brave horse leapt to the headlines: the horse dived into a swimming pool to escape the flames, then patiently waiting for hours for the arrival of someone ready to help him.


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