It’s a small cat the deadliest cat in the world

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It’s a small cat the deadliest cat in the world

It is a small cat, the deadliest cat in the world: it lives in Africa and, despite its small size, it doesn’t lose a single prey: here are the details.

At first glance it may seem an ordinary cat, with a small size, but it is actually the most lethal feline in the world. Not for sure for the man, but for the small animals it usually hunts: it is the Felis nigripes, known also as black-footed cat, champion in catching the preys. Its statistics beat even distant relatives of larger dimensions, such as leopards, tigers, lions, cheetahs and much more.

Typical of southern Africa, the feline is about fifty centimetres long and weighs no more than three kilos. Its distinctive characteristic are the black legs: not for what concerns the coat, the latter spotted, but for the pads.

As La Stampa explains, this African cat is unfortunately vulnerable to the risk of extinction: it is found in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, but is constantly threatened by the change of its habitats due to man. Mostly nocturnal and solitary, it is one of the most ruthless predators: it eats mice, insects and birds and manages to catch them at the first blow, in 60-70% of the cases.

The experts reveal how the feline is particularly precise in the hunting, more than the leopards, thanks to its agility and to its very fast movements. Furthermore, it is usual to look for preys continuously, as it needs to nourish often due to its metabolism. The animals are hunted with a “sit and wait” technique: the cat remains motionless until the passage of a possible prey and, with a precise and incredible impulse, it does not let it escape. The wait can go on for several hours, without the black-footed cat ever showing a sign of failure or boredom, for a meal conquest free of any unforeseen events. Recently, the specimen has been the protagonist of a documentary broadcast in the United States, going viral on social networks.


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