Cats: 8 ways they show their love

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Cats: 8 ways they show their love

The cat is a reserved quadruped, particularly when it has to declare its love, so it is important to understand the 8 ways in which it communicates.

In spite of their fame and behaviour, cats are animals with an affectionate and faithful soul. Unlike dogs, which are more direct and playful, cats tend to show their unconditional love for their owner in a personal way. They are very far from the image that wants them independent, selfish and capricious: theirs is a unique language that only with cohabitation you learn to know. This is how to interpret the messages of love from the quadruped.

Melting and verses

The cat purrs and makes short, continuous meows? This is his way of communicating affection and requests for attention, or to show love or to involve the owner in some playful activity. This is a tried and tested technique typical of the home quadruped, which can be used several times during the day.

Belly in the air

Only when the kitten shows confidence and confidence, when she’s happy, does she lie on her back and show off her belly. An act that makes him vulnerable but which he practices when he is certain of the owner’s intentions, while asking for caresses and scratches on his belly. Not all felines love contact: that’s why, if they show off their belly, they openly declare love.


When Fufi follows the owner everywhere, including the bathroom, he is looking for attention, cuddles and play. This, however, is also a declaration of affection. At the same time he can show jealousy towards other animals or people in the house, capturing the owner’s attention by rubbing himself against the body or calling him back with small touches of his paw.


If the cat is carrying small objects at the owner’s feet, he is surely making a tribute or a gift, be it the usual toy, an object of the owner himself or some prey. A dead pet on the doorstep could be terrifying, but it’s Fufi’s way of saying thank you for the love and hospitality.


Cats are used to rubbing against each other with small pats of the head, a unique way of communicating and exchanging affection. When this gesture is extended to one’s own human being it is a true declaration of trust, a way of relating to one another and of acceptance. A sort of gratification that Fufi external as a symbol of love.


A classic is the gesture of the dough, that is when the kitten moves its paws in a repetitive way on the body of the owner. Accompanying the action with small verses and clamps, practiced for pleasure not to hurt.


Although he prefers to enjoy moments of peace alone, the cat also loves to share sofas and beds with his human friend, so finding him under the covers is confirmation of his affection. Not only that, in this way Fufi declares that he considers the human as the leader of the pack.


The most shy and fearful cats avoid any kind of contact, so understanding them can be more complicated. But if they observe the owner by slowly closing their eyelids and half-closing their eyes calmly, they show that they pay attention, but also that they like the presence of the man.


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