Bitten by the cat: he dies of anger 24 hours later

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Bitten by the cat: he dies of anger 24 hours later

The bite of a cat, during a trip to Morocco, was fatal to a British citizen: the man died of rabies.

He is bitten by a cat and dies, only after 24 hours, because of rabies. This is the misadventure that involved a British citizen, during a trip to Morocco: the disease, extremely serious, proved fatal to the unfortunate man. The news is confirmed by the Health Service of the United Kingdom: although rabies has been eradicated at home, there is an increase in cases of contagion abroad, for example during travel. For this reason, it is always necessary to take advantage of strict hygiene measures.

No particular details have emerged about the unfortunately fatal encounter between the British citizen and the cat suffering from rabies, probably a stray. The disease attacks the neurological system, causing irreversible damage and quickly leading to death: although there is no treatment after the symptoms have occurred, there is effective preventive prophylaxis using vaccines.

It is thanks to the administration of vaccines to animals, both domestic and wild, that the eradication of rabies has been possible in most European countries, where the number of reports is very low. However, when travelling abroad, especially in areas where rabies is still widespread, it is essential to find out about local vaccination needs and act accordingly.

In the meantime, the UK health authorities have provided some containment measures to prevent the risk of infection, as the first 24 hours are crucial:

Anyone who has been bitten, scratched or licked by an animal in a country where rabies is present, or has had direct contact with a bat in England, should act immediately by washing the wound or exposure site with plenty of soap and water and seek immediate medical attention.

According to WHO data, rabies causes more than 55,000 deaths worldwide, 95% of them in Asia and Africa. Following a high-risk contact, the wound must be thoroughly disinfected and vaccinated immediately, as this is an effective way to prevent the onset of the disease if carried out in good time.


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